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A Beatles inflatable Airbed mfg in the UK by Li-Lo.  Came in two colors.

AirbedLiLo.jpg (21637 bytes)

AirFlite Industries,  see Record Carrying Cases, Litterbag, Lunchboxes and Overnight Cases.

A rare stuffed Apple with large worm mfg by Apple Records as a promotional item in 1968.  See this item in Record Promotional Items Section for more information.  Apple Records also mfg a stuffed green Apple that housed a transistor radio inside.  Both of these items are prized possessions.   See also the Apple Dartboard, Apple Wristwatch, Apple Keychain, Apple Playing Cards.

APPLEstuffed.jpg (51268 bytes)

A wooden Apple promotional item mfg in 1968, UK.  A brass Apple was also made in 1968.

AppleWooden.jpg (15892 bytes)

A  large 16"x30" wide original Beatles Apron from 1964.  With the straps extended, this item measures out at 48" wide. This fully licensed item was manufactured from a heavy paper-like material with reinforced stitching throughout. 

Apron.jpg (99398 bytes)

Beatles Lesson Assignment Book mfg in the USA by Select-o-Pak.  Vinyl fold open booklet contains slots for 2 paper pads, each with a different header. Includes a slip-in ID card on the front.  Several colors made.

AssignmentBook.jpg (19107 bytes)

Autographs.  A 10" x 13.5" tall magazine page signed by all four Beatles, circa mid-1964.  Paul actually signed twice!  The piece features 2 great full-color photos of the Beatles, one from Central Park in NYC and one with Ed Sullivan.  Signed color photos are extremely rare as are signed record jackets.  Also pictured is a signed Please Please Me Parlophone original UK LP, a nice black and white signed photograph,  a signed Royal Command Performance program in which the Beatles played before the Queen of England and John remarked "the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands, the rest of you just rattle your jewelry!",  the only known copy of an autographed 1966 Beatles USA Ltd concert program and a cool postcard written by Paul in 1964.  See our detailed section on Beatles autographs for much more in depth information.  

Autograph1964.jpg (276033 bytes)  autoAT2-2.jpg (125301 bytes)  AutographedPhoto.jpg (101305 bytes)  63PGM.jpg (70440 bytes)

  66pgm.jpg (98032 bytes)    AutographedAlbumHELPUSA.jpg (85327 bytes)
AutographPostcardPaul64.jpg (97274 bytes)     

Rare UK Autograph Book mfg by Seagull in 1963.  Vinyl covered fold open booklet contains blank multi-colored autograph pages on the inside.  On the outside cover is a nice color photograph of The Beatles under clear vinyl. These are not often found and there are not many in collectors hands. 

AutographBook.jpg (41614 bytes)       


A cloth Beatles Badge sold in the UK in 1964.  Red, gold and maroon stitching.

Badge64UK.jpg (19671 bytes)

A promotional cardboard badge or bracelet given out at the opening premieres of A Hard Day's Night and HELP! movies in 1964 and 1965.  This is a 3 3/4" cardboard badge.  There is the rarer variation with no hole punched out at top.  

  badgehdnnoholejpg.jpg (19629 bytes)  badge.jpg (24484 bytes) 

A very hard to find vinyl Carry Bag mfg in the USA in the 1960's.

Bag.jpg (34519 bytes)


Vinyl Japanese Bags mfg in 1966.  Three different designs are known, each with cardboard hangtag.  These were available during the Beatles '66 Tour of Japan.  A large warehouse find of these was made a few years ago,  thus these bags are somewhat plentiful.

BagJapanese.jpg (71751 bytes)  BagsJapanese2.jpg (48617 bytes)

A nice canvas Beatles bag mfg in the UK in 1964.  Zippered top with strap.  Hard to find item.

BagUKfront.jpg (55469 bytes)  BagUKback.jpg (54528 bytes)

9" rubber inflatable Ball mfg in the USA in 1964.  Several colors are known with black being the most common color.

BALLblack.jpg (8953 bytes)

9" rubber inflatable Ball was mfg in the UK.  Has stickers of each Beatle around the ball including 2 "The Beatles" stickers.

BallWhiteUK.jpg (9913 bytes)

14" or 18" Blow-up Punch Ball mfg in the USA and Canada in 1964.  Both were sold in cellophane wrappers with a header card attached.  Several different colors were available.


BallPunchOrange.jpg (50204 bytes)  BeatlesPunchBall.jpg (17248 bytes) BallPunchinPackage.jpg (43595 bytes)

Beatles Balloon mfg in the USA in 1964 by United Industries.  A large quantity of these were found in the 1970's and these are still available in still-sealed condition.  Many different colors were manufactured.

Balloon.jpg (25212 bytes)

Bamboo Trays were mfg in Taiwan and came in 3 different sizes, 6", 11" and 12".   A nice metal English Tea Tray was also manufactured.

BambooTray.jpg (49428 bytes)   

A Beatles promotional Band-aid mfg by Capitol Records for the release of the movie HELP!.  There is no original band-aid holder that was made for this item so be aware that any white plastic band-aid holder for this product is not a legitimate item.

bandaid-help.jpg (17912 bytes)

The Beatles Banjo mfg in 1964-66 by Mastro Industries in New York, USA.  4 stringed toy instrument originally mfg with an instruction manual and came packaged on a colorful cardboard backing.  Quite treasured by collectors.  Click here for more info on Mastro.

Banjo.jpg (84616 bytes)  banjobooklet.jpg (46501 bytes)  Banjowbooklet.jpg (70800 bytes)


A large silk-type material Banner advertising the Beatles Mod Fashions.  USA. 1966.  See the clothing tags shown below mfg by the same company.

BANNERModFashions.jpg (40780 bytes)

Beach Hats were sold via mail order in the USA in 1964.  Came in either dark blue or red.  Insignia on front.

BeachHat.jpg (27190 bytes) 

Bed Sheets were available from several hotels in the USA in 1964.  Some even sold rug sections on original display cards.  The Whittier Hotel Bed sheets have been reproduced and the repro card does not picture a sailboat while the original one does.

Bedsheets.jpg (49293 bytes)  BedSheetsWhittierHotel.jpg (57741 bytes)

These Beatseats were mfg in the UK in 1964.  One of each Beatle plus a group seat were made.

BEATSEAT.jpg (14652 bytes)


A Beatles Belt made in Australia in 1964.

BELT.jpg (14589 bytes)

An Apple promo Belt Buckle

BeltBuckleAPPLE.jpg (11606 bytes)

A vinyl corded belt mfg in the USA in 1964.  Several colors made and several medallions were used on the ends including metal and leather fobs.  See the jewelry section for examples of these fobs.

BeltwithMedallians.jpg (46039 bytes)

Bicycle Flags;  see Flags.

Vinyl 3-Ring School Binders from 1964.  These were very popular items in 1964-1965.  3 Ring Binders were manufactured by 3 companies in 1964:  Standard Plastic Products (SPP, USA),  New York Looseleaf (NYL, USA) and a Canadian Company which also produced the really cool School Bag.  SPP also produced such items as Kaboodle Kits, wallets and pencil cases.  The Canadian 3 ring binder has never been documented in any book;  this binder varies from the others as it has only 1 Beatles' signature for each Beatle instead of 2 for the American versions.  It has the same litho as the Canadian School Bag along with the exact same copyright information printed at the bottom on the front cover.  The SPP binders can be found in 7 different colors:  Pink, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Lavender and Beige.  The NYL company only produced a white binder and is shown in the group picture below.   The Canadian binder was produced in beige with the graphics and lettering in brown ink.  The Canadian binder also differs in that the vinyl has a pebbly feel whereas the other binders have a smooth vinyl surface.  Also shown is a Binder Store Shipping Box which contained 1 binder as a bonus for the dealer.  Not all colors used by SPP have been verified for each of their products.  For instance a peach colored 3 ring binder mfg by SPP has never been documented!

BinderSetof8.jpg (68109 bytes)  Binder3RingCanadian.jpg (114808 bytes)  BinderDisplayBox.jpg (56748 bytes)

A grey cloth Binder was mfg in the UK to hold your Beatles Monthlies.

MonthliesBookBinder.jpg (13002 bytes)  BinderBeatleMonthliesUK.jpg (18359 bytes)

Beatles Birthday Cards were mfg by American Greetings in 1964.  Several different designs were made for these oversized greeting cards.


The Beatles Blanket mfg in England in 1964 by Whitney.  Wool blanket with faces of each Beatle.  Whitney tag is sewn into bottom left corner.

Blanket.jpg (72669 bytes)

A complete set of 7 Beatles Bookcovers in the original plastic packaging.  These bookcovers are a fully licensed item mfg in the US in 1964.  Includes a cover sheet showing The Beatles in their swimsuits!  

bookcovers.jpg (68215 bytes)


Books, books and more books.  Many books were written in the 1960s on The Beatles.  Hardcovers are more desirable than paperbacks.  Hardcovers that came with dust jackets in high grade condition are in demand by collectors today.

BooksVarous1.jpg (65411 bytes)  bookwordsmusic.jpg (67368 bytes)  paperbacks1.jpg (238480 bytes)

Book... The Authorized Biography by Hunter Davies.  This is the 1968 USA 1st Edition with Dust Jacket mfg by McGraw-Hill Book Company.  The second one shown is the more common, smaller dimensioned book club edition.  Black cloth covered hardbound book.  357 pages.

BookHunterDaviesHB.jpg (69025 bytes) 

Book... The Beatles Real Story.  This is the 1968 USA 1st Edition with Dust Jacket by Julius Fast. 

bookHBtherealstory.jpg (76820 bytes)

Book. Hardcover HELP! sold at opening premieres of the motion picture in 1965.  By Random House USA.

bookHelp.jpg (84826 bytes)

Book...A very rare hardcover book:  A First Edition, first printing of John Lennon's In His Own Write.  This is the Simon & Schuster USA edition, circa 1964.  First edition USA copies had this red sticker adhered to the front cover stating "The Writing Beatle".  Both front and back covers have gloss finish.  

   JohnLennonBook1.jpg (34238 bytes)  Inhisownwrite1stedition.jpg (120160 bytes)

Book...A hardcover book:  Dear Beatles mfg in 1964.

bookdearbeatles.jpg (68001 bytes)


Hardcover Book.   A Cellarful of Noise by Brian Epstein, The Beatles manager. 1st Editions of both USA and UK versions shown with dust jackets.

  bookepstein.jpg (62332 bytes)

Book. Hardcover USA We Love You Beatles. A children's book with dust jacket.

bookweloveyoubeatles.jpg (156597 bytes)

Book.  Love Letters to the Beatles came in either paperback or hardcover with dustjacket.

bookloveletters.jpg (82344 bytes)

Book. Paperback USA.  The Beatles Words without Music.

bookwordsmusic.jpg (67368 bytes)

Booklet. A Pixerama foldout small booklet mfg in the UK in 1964.

bookletpixerama.jpg (188644 bytes)

Booklet.  Dell publishing mfg a small fold-out booklet in the USA in 1964.  The original store display is also shown.

DELLbookDisplay.jpg (45619 bytes)

The Beatles Booty Bag with drawstring closure at top.  Also included a paper instruction sheet inserted into the see-through bag.

BootyBag.jpg (82949 bytes)

The Mastro Industries' Beatles Bongos in the original box with instruction sheet.  Two sizes of red plastic bongos were made by this New York company in 1964-66.  One had black plastic rims and one had maroon rims.  2 different stickers were made also, one round one with a group picture used on the Big Beat Bongos only and a die-cut group picture used on both versions.  Beware of copies that have been painted red as originals were solid red plastic.  Click here for more information on Mastro.

BongosInBox.jpg (135158 bytes)  BongosinBox2.jpg (34190 bytes)  BongosBigBeat.jpg (47079 bytes)

Bracelets, see Jewelry section.

A promotional cardboard bracelet given out at the opening premiere of HELP! in 1965.  This 3 3/4" cardboard badge with original string. See badges for other information. 

badge.jpg (24484 bytes)

A Brick from the original Cavern Club in Liverpool England.  Several companies have sold bricks or slices of bricks from the original club when it was torn down.  It's now rebuilt across the street.

BrickCavernClub.jpg (51993 bytes)

Vinyl Brief Cover mfg in the USA in 1964 by Select-o-pak.  Several colors and had an ID card which slid into a clear vinyl pouch on the front.  Inside had slots to place your notepads.

BriefCover.jpg (41298 bytes)

Brooches.  see Jewelry Items.

Brunch Bag mfg by Alladin in the USA in 1964.  Large vinyl 'girls lunchbox' has a zippered top and originally was issued with a red plaid-colored thermos and not the Thermos that came with the blue metal Alladin lunchbox.  See Lunchbox section for additional pieces.  See also Kaboodle Kit and AirFlite Boxes.

BrunchBag2.jpg (33791 bytes)

A package of Beatles Bubblebath mfg in the UK in 1963.  It also has printing on it advertising the Beatles Perfume bottle!

BubbleBathUK.jpg (29988 bytes)

Official Beatles Bubble Gum Cards and original store displays by Topps USA.  Six different styles of gum cards were issued in 1964.  The first Black/White sets had 3 series with a total of 165 cards.  The Color Set included 64 different gum cards; the Diary Series contained 60 cards and the Hard Days Night series had 55 cards.  There were only 3 other gum card sets made in the 1960s: a set of 55 USA Beatles Plaks cards, a set of 60 UK Black and White series and a set of 66 Yellow Submarine cards mfg in the UK by Anglo Confectionary.  The USA sets are sometimes found in large uncut sheets which contain all cards in that series.

CardsGUMcolorset1.jpg (167942 bytes)  cardsgumcolorset2.jpg (141951 bytes)

BubbleGumBox2.jpg (145131 bytes)  BubbleGumStoreDisplays1.jpg (58814 bytes)  BubbleGumStoreDisplays2.jpg (56603 bytes)  BubbleGumStoreDisplaySET.jpg (43191 bytes)

Bubble Gum cards mfg by Topps. These were the Plaks series. Very hard to find set, wrapper and display box.

PlaksSSgumcards.jpg (22108 bytes)

Bubble Gum Rack-Packs mfg by Topps in the USA. Each package contained 3 sealed packs of 10 cards each of either the Black and White or Color Series.

BubbleGumRackPacks2.jpg (67147 bytes)

Bubble Gum promotional poster mfg by Topps for the Beatles A Hard Day's Night 55 card set.

BubbleGumHDNPoster.jpg (35046 bytes)

A Beatles original SHIPPING BOX for the First Series, Color Series and Hard Days Night bubble gum cards.  Mfg by Topps USA in 1964.  These were originally packed and shipped with 24 boxes of Beatles bubble gum cards!!  An officially licensed item with excellent graphics.  Highly sought after by advanced collectors! 

gumbox1.jpg (54509 bytes) gumbox2.jpg (60858 bytes) gumbox3.jpg (43181 bytes)  GumCardshippingboxCOLOR.jpg (34853 bytes)  BubbleGumDisplayBoxHDN.jpg (45482 bytes)

Bubble Gum store display box mfg in the UK by A&BC Company for the set of Black and White UK series.

BubbleGumCardsUKDisplayBox.jpg (37432 bytes)

The infamous Beatles Butcher cover,  also a closeup shot of the paste over cover showing Ringo's black sweater underneath in a black 'V'.  Also shown is the original photograph used for the infamous record jacket cover in America.

  ButcherCoverCloseupPasteOver.jpg (95612 bytes)  butcherphotosession.jpg (22075 bytes)


A collection of original 1960's pinback and flasher Buttons from the US.  All items are original releases and all items are in excellent condition.  A complete set of the "I Love" 3" buttons is included.  Includes a complete set of all 6 different flasher buttons released by Vari-Vue 1964.  Also shown are complete sets of 9 different 1" buttons mfg by Green Duck Company; these were available in both blue and red varieties; please note these 1" buttons have been reproduced and that the originals have copper metal pins with brushed white-colored tips.  The 4" photo button is very rare as is the other two 3" photo buttons.  The Paul Lives button is circa 1969 and is a very hard to find item.  Also shown is a promotional flyer advertising the Green Duck buttons.  

Buttons.jpg (104482 bytes)  Button4inch.jpg (24006 bytes)  buttonKRLAbeatles2.jpg (10666 bytes) ButtonsGREENDUCK.jpg (29310 bytes)  ButtonsCollection.jpg (40793 bytes)  ButtonFlyer.jpg (19566 bytes) ButtonFlyer2.jpg (31261 bytes)  ButtonLarge.jpg (18000 bytes)
buttonset3.jpg (131884 bytes)  ButtonsFLIPSposter.jpg (25224 bytes)  ButtonsUSAstoredisplay.jpg (27946 bytes)


Cake decorations came in many forms and sizes in 1964 with many of these items not licensed by NEMS Enterprises Ltd.  These unlicensed items are still collected as they were made during the height of Beatlemania even though pricing today has been around $100 per set.  

cakedecorations.jpg (53752 bytes)  CakeDecorations4.jpg (39829 bytes)  

Two other early Cake Decoration Sets that were mfg in the 1964 era.  Marked "The Swingers" Music Set, these were mfg in Hong Kong in 1964.  This unlicensed item was obviously an attempt to cash in on The Beatles merchandising whirlwind that happened in 1964.  Still a must have for seasoned collectors!  Notice the likeness to The Beatles on the header card on the set on the right.

Swingers.jpg (69898 bytes)  SwingersSet2.jpg (31818 bytes)

A 1964 Cake Topper Decoration Piece that was mfg in the 1964 era. 

An extremely rare, very large 24" x 28" cardboard Salesman's  Sample Promotional Calendar.  This item was officially licensed by NEMS Enterprises Ltd. circa 1964-1966 and manufactured by The John Federick Adverting Company, Chicago, Illinois USA.  Original lithograph Louis Dow Co. 1964.   Used by salespeople in the early 1960's to sell advertising for various products and services.  This great promo piece has one sample paper calendar month glued to the middle.   Is marked at bottom of photograph in fine print "PRINTED IN U.S.A." and " 1964 NEMS ENTERPRISES LTD."  Also is marked "F-122 BEATLES DIRECT-ON MOUNT" at center of bottom edge.  The large print PRODUCT OR SERVICE AD PRINTED HERE would be replace by the business' name.  Their slogan and address would be placed under The Beatles picture replacing the YOUR IMPRINT HERE section.  This item has the original folds and is in Near Mint, UNUSED condition.  White steak across right middle is from camera flash.  An extremely rare example of early Beatlemania.  A large, impressive item that would look awesome nicely framed and matted.  Price $699

CalendarPromo.jpg (222775 bytes)

A UK Beatles Calendar.  Has glass front and plastic standup on back with knobs on back to change the date.

CalendarUK2.jpg (38006 bytes)

2 small sized UK Calendars mfg in 1964.

CalendarUKsmall2.jpg (41767 bytes) 

A USA promotional salesman's sample Calendar.  Note the wording on the piece.  This item was also available with various company names imprinted.

CalendarUSApromo.jpg (54156 bytes)

The Beatles Book UK Calendar, this one mfg by the Beatles Fan Club 

CalendarUKBeatleBook.jpg (14707 bytes)

Candy Stick Boxes mfg in the USA in 1964.  6 different colors, 4 different Beatles.  A rare store display box is also known.  A Ringo hand puppet was placed into each store display box.

CANDYboxes.jpg (35902 bytes)  CandyCigaretteDisplayBox.jpg (24565 bytes)

The Ringo Cap mfg in the USA.  Many types of material was used including wool and leather.  Is printed The Ringo Cap inside.

CapRingoCAP.jpg (70300 bytes)

Another wool Cap mfg in the UK in the early sixties.  The small patch sewn onto the front says The Beatles.  Several colors were made.

CapUK.jpg (7891 bytes)

Carrying Cases were made in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The Black one was a girl's overnight case mfg in the USA by AirFlite.  The red and green ones were record carrying cases mfg by AirFlite.   The pink case held 45 records and is called a Disk-Go-Case mfg in 1966 by Charter Industries.  See Record Carrying Cases, AirFlite and Disk-Go-Cases for more info.

CarryingCases.jpg (49471 bytes) 

A Capitol Records Record Catalog.  Capitol issued these items each year for use by distributors for placing orders.  The entire Beatles album line is featured inside. 


A Cavern Club membership booklet.  Issued in Liverpool England during the early years.  Many colors and years available.  Beware of bootlegs.

CavernClubCard1964white.jpg (50406 bytes)

A Cavern Club Compliment Card.  Issued in the Liverpool England club in 1963-64.  

CavernClubComplimentSlip.jpg (13817 bytes)


A Christmas Card issued in England in conjunction with John's second book.  Designed by John Lennon.

ChristmasCard.jpg (30565 bytes)


Christmas Ornaments mfg in Italy in 1964.  These glass ornaments were not officially licensed by the Beatles but collectors love them!  Originally issued in sets of 4 in a plain white cardboard window box with only Made in Italy printed on it.  Issued in red, blue or gold with a brown thick plastic guitar glued to the front.

ChristmasOrnaments.jpg (31743 bytes)  ChristmasOrnaments2.jpg (21343 bytes)

The Official Beatles Fan Club issued Christmas Records each holiday season beginning in 1963 in the UK through 1969 then a compilation LP was made in 1970.  There are both UK and USA versions of these records.  The USA first year record was made in 1964-no 1965 USA Specific record was issued.   There are 12 different Christmas Records in a complete set!!!  See Fan Club section for more great items.

ChristmasRecords.jpg (75540 bytes)       


Christmas Seals were mfg by Hallmark in 1964.  These were really the same item as the Beatles Stamps mfg by Hallmark - they just created a new cover for the Holiday Season!

ChristmasSEALS.jpg (25512 bytes)

His and Hers clothing tags and label mfg in the USA in 1966.

ClothingHangTags.jpg (153501 bytes)


Beatles clutch purses mfg in the USA by Dame.  Came in several sizes and colors.  The Leather strap on the 5.5" x 9" size is a key to a genuine one; the black/white repeating pattern one did not come with a leather strap - this pattern was also made in red/white.  Note the clutch purse in it's original packaging.

ClutchPurse1.jpg (28232 bytes)  ClutchPurse2.jpg (42655 bytes)  clutchpurseSS.jpg (45867 bytes)

ClutchPurse3.jpg (23731 bytes)  ClutchPurseBlueCloth.jpg (24887 bytes)  ClutchPursePink.jpg (16017 bytes)


Drink Coasters were mfg in the UK in 1964.  There was one of each Beatle made.


A rare Beatles silver coin mfg in the UK in 1965.  Over an ounce of pure .999 silver.  This item is quite uncommon and not easy to find.  If you look at the flyer closely, you'll see this company made a gold version of this coin as a grand prize giveaway - what a prize that would be today!

coinad1.jpg (61054 bytes)  coinad2.jpg (64414 bytes)  COIN65-66silver.jpg (33704 bytes)


Brass Coin was mfg in the USA in 1964.  This item is quite common and very easy to find.


Coin Holders on the original display card. Mfg in the USA.  Heavy squeeze-open rubber coin holders.  Opening was on top.  Colors were black or red with white printing.

CoinHoldersDisplay.jpg (38655 bytes)

A UK Colouring Set.  Mfg by Kitfix in 1964.  Pencil by number set of 5 portraits.

ColouringSet.jpg (60120 bytes)


The Beatles Colorforms Cartoon set.  Mfg in the USA in 1966.

ColorformsKit.jpg (45472 bytes)  ColorformsKit2.jpg (78708 bytes)

The Beatles official 14" long comb mfg by Lido Toys in NYC.  Several colors exist including white, light green, cream and light pink.  Has been counterfeited in red, blue and yellow plastic.


These UK Combs were mfg in 1964 by Valex and are shown on the original display card.

CombSetUK.jpg (21440 bytes)

Only a few Beatle Comic Books were made in the 1960's.  The DELL Special issue and the Yellow Submarine Comic Book were the only 2 made that featured the Beatles throughout.  The Beatles did appear in several other off-shoot comic books during this time; these however are less desirable than ones featuring only the Beatles.


The Beatles compact mfg in the UK in 1964 by KIGU.  6 different styles are known.  The colored photograph compact of Ringo is marked Made in England on the inside.  Others are not marked KIGU although they were licensed and manufactured by this English company in early 1964.   The same company made an ultra rare lipstick case also shown.  Compact variations photo courtesy of Roseann Castaneda.

compactlipstick.jpg (95154 bytes)  compact.jpg (35009 bytes)  Compacts4differentonesfront.jpg (41943 bytes)  Compacts4differentonesbacks.jpg (64233 bytes)

Concert Items.  A small Concert promotional flyer from CHUM radio in Toronto Canada from July of 1965.  Features a Beatles concert ticket giveaway on how to WIN BEATLES TICKETS on the back cover.  Inside shown also.  Other items are concert ticket stubs, buttons and concert programs from various shows around the world.   Note the original Shea Stadium poster - this has been faked over and over again but not with the same picture and printing.  Also note the rare UK early concert posters, wow!  See Tickets for more information and pictures.

ConcertADchum1.jpg (32466 bytes)  ConcertADchum2.jpg (73487 bytes)  TICKETSTUBhollywoodbowl.jpg (19304 bytes)  buttonKRLAbeatles2.jpg (10666 bytes) ConcertPGMusa64.jpg (24947 bytes)

MagazineBeatlesLTDuk.jpg (43189 bytes)  concertpgm66usa1.jpg (52836 bytes) TourBooksUSAall3.jpg (28612 bytes) ConcertPGMNZ3.jpg (73032 bytes)  Ticket8-24-66BeatlesPressConfPass.jpg (46284 bytes)

concert66Handbill.jpg (40481 bytes)  ConcertIndianaProgramStub.jpg (95706 bytes)  ticketstoronto.jpg (47402 bytes)  ticketstoronto2.jpg (50443 bytes)   PosterCandlestick1.jpg (66059 bytes)
ConcertFlyer3.jpg (115526 bytes)  ConcertPGMS2.jpg (71577 bytes)  ConcertPgmSpain.jpg (47276 bytes)  ConcertPosterSHEA65.jpg (49421 bytes)

ConcertPosterUK1.jpg (86539 bytes)  ConcertPosterUK2.jpg (68555 bytes)  ConcertPosterUK3.jpg (65442 bytes)  ConcertPosterUK4.jpg (70849 bytes)  ConcertPosterUK5.jpg (94623 bytes) 



Consumable products licensed by The Beatles.  Since these items were meant to be used, they were often tossed out when empty thus making these items rare and desirable to Beatles collectors today. All are very nice examples of original Beatlemania!  Talcum Powder Tin, Perfume and Hair Spray!

Consumables.jpg (53880 bytes)

Wooden Corkstoppers were mfg during the height of Beatlemania.  One of each Beatle was made.

CorkStopperSET.jpg (39285 bytes)

Cups.  See also Glasses, Mugs and Tumblers.

A Beatles ceramic drinking Cup or mug mfg by Washington Pottery UK 1964.

cup.jpg (37701 bytes)

Plastic drinking Cups or Tumblers were mfg in the USA in 1964 by Burrite.  3 different colored liners were made for the Burrite items.  Red, green and white.  The picture of The Beatles was a paper insert slid inside a clear plastic outer part.  These paper inserts were found in quantity a few years back and were inserted into a newly styled plastic cup however the shape of the new cup was different than the older 1960's issue;  they are easily differentiated from the originals.  .Burrite also mfg a plastic mug with a color insert - that item was also reproduced but again, easily set apart from the original as the original had a flat sided handle.

CupBurriteGreen.jpg (27460 bytes)  cupwhitetop.jpg (18364 bytes)

Beatle Curtains were mfg and available in the UK.  Many different patterns and styles.  Collectors seek out actual curtains that were made originally as curtains, not just plain material.  Cloth was made by the same company that made Beatle Dresses.

CurtainMaterial.jpg (62076 bytes)


An Apple Dartboard mfg in 1968.

DartBoardApple.jpg (49872 bytes)

Deskset.  See Pen Holder under Early Memorabilia and Pen Holder under Yellow Submarine Section. 

An original Beatles Diary mfg in Scotland in 1965.  A vinyl covered booklet with many pages and bios inside.  Original store display box also shown.

Diary.jpg (14366 bytes)  DiaryDisplayBox.jpg (29621 bytes)

The Beatles Disk-Go-Case Record Carrying Case issued by Charter Industries, USA in 1966.  Many different color plastic holders were made.  Brown is the hardest color to find.  Issued with a cardboard record, cardboard hangtag(with small hole) and a wrap-around paper Beatles Official Disk-Go-Case banner.

 45CASE1.jpg (41687 bytes)  45CASE2.jpg (18342 bytes)  DiskGoCases.jpg (41772 bytes)  DiskGOCases3.jpg (41983 bytes)

A rare promotional poster advertising the Beatles Disk-Go-Case.  Charter Industries, USA, 1966.

DiskGoCasePromoPoster.jpg (50755 bytes)

A set of 4 Vinyl Blow Up Dolls from the mid-Sixties, licensed by NEMS Enterprises Ltd.  One of each 14" high Beatle is included.  

Dollsblowup.jpg (280679 bytes)

A very rare Beatles NESTLES' Quik Can - contains the Beatles Blow Up Dolls Set Offer circa 1966.  Chocolate version.  Small version 5" tall - 2.8" wide 1.5" thick.  Metal top and Bottom.  Also exists in a Strawberry version.

NestleQuikCanChocolate.jpg (74461 bytes)

Ringo Doll mfg in Mexico in the sixties.  Also a Paul doll was made.  Is marked King Features Syndicate.

DollMexicanRingo.jpg (21094 bytes)   

The 4" high plastic bobbing head doll set, hand painted and mfg in Hong Kong in 1964.  This set was also used as cake decorations.  This set is not one of the recent remakes but is an original set from the Sixties!  Both front and back of dolls pictured.    These were originally issued on a cardboard backing card with a blister pack stapled onto the front - These were called The Swingers Music Set.  Most collectors only want the 4" set on the display card.

NoddersonCardsmall.jpg (18495 bytes)  Dolls4inchBobbers.jpg (53218 bytes)  

The 8" high composition Bobbing Head Doll Set , hand painted, Licensed by NEMS and mfg by Car Mascots in 1964.   Originals have a Car Mascot circular sticker on the bottom and DO NOT have numbers impressed into the back of the head.  Originals also came in a very nice purple box with a cellophane window.  Second picture shows the very rare Bobbing Head Promotional Poster, one that's not in many collectors' hands.

 NodderSet8inch.jpg (108320 bytes)  BobbersAd.jpg (25045 bytes)  NoddersinBox2.jpg (69748 bytes) 

The 14" high composition Bobbing Head Doll Promotional Set , hand painted, Licensed by NEMS and mfg by Car Mascots in 1964.   These large dolls were mfg to be used in store windows to promote the sales of the 8" dolls in the box.  Hard to find a complete set in nice condition.

NoddersLargePromoSet.jpg (35500 bytes)

The Remco Beatles Dolls mfg in the USA in 1964 by Remco.  This set has not been reproduced but the individual display boxes have.  These came in either hard body or soft body styles.  Also shown is a brown cardboard doll box used by mail order companies to ship the entire set of 4 dolls in.  A store display poster is also shown. 

RemcoAd.jpg (42281 bytes)  RemcosinBoxes.jpg (62610 bytes)  RemcoDollBoxBack.jpg (17755 bytes)

 RemcoDollBox.jpg (10239 bytes) 

The Remco Mascot Doll mfg in the USA in 1964.  This 29" long cloth doll can be found in either black, brown, blue or pink cloth.  Most collectors want it with it's original cardboard guitar and cardboard hangtag.

RemcoMascotDoll.jpg (51676 bytes)

The Beatles Dress mfg in Holland in 1963-1964. Many different styles and patterns available.  Highest values go to dresses that were store-bought as dresses and not hand-made.  Some even have a store-made custom cloth label sewn inside that says The Beatles Dress in red lettering.

Dress.jpg (124882 bytes)  DressBlack.jpg (43568 bytes)  DressBlue.jpg (43313 bytes)  DressPink.jpg (61895 bytes)  DressTag.jpg (23114 bytes)

Mastro Industries mfg this toy Drum in 1964 in the USA.  Drum was issued with a metal stand, wooden sticks, instruction booklet and a large cardboard box.  All four Beatles are featured on the drumskin.  See Mastro section for more information on toy instruments.  

DrumMastro32.jpg (22322 bytes)  DrumMastro5.jpg (46881 bytes)  DrumMastroSetinBox.jpg (34217 bytes)

Selcol in the UK made 3 different toy Drums, each packaged in it's own display box.  

DrumSELCOLnewbeatinBox.jpg (34955 bytes)  DrumSELCOLnewbeatinBox2.jpg (73851 bytes)  DrumSELCOLRingo3.jpg (48304 bytes)  DrumSELCOLbigRingowithSymbal.jpg (45475 bytes)  DrumSELCOLnewbeat.jpg (39205 bytes)

Drumsticks were mfg in the 1960's by Ludwig in the USA and Arbitor in the UK.

DrumsticksLudwig.jpg (41548 bytes)

Original Ringo Starr Drumsticks actually used in concert.  

DrumSticksRingo63.jpg (42340 bytes)

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